About Me

I am a French woman, a dreamer, and an artist with a nomadic mindset. I want to inspire. Trigger. Open minds. Taking people out of their focus.

My journey as a photographer started in 2014. Soon after, during my Asia travel, I became passionate about showing others the beauty I perceived. Especially those who do not have the opportunity to experience the same. Upon return to Dublin, I realized my passion for people, specifically the fascinating way they express emotions makes me tick. It intrigues me and inspires me to reflect on it through my lens. To enable them to feel the same, to see the same, to open their minds.

I fell in love with the challenge of catching the movement at the exact time, at the right place, with the perfect light… showing their true dancer.

Exhibitions & Awards

Why dance?

For 10 years, I danced myself. Ballet and modern. The music entangled me, excited me, influenced me. Performing made me feel like being on a cloud. Yet, life happened. A back injury forced me to pause. Which shifted me focus from dancing myself, to getting inspired by other dancers. To capture the moment and freeze it, forever. Every picture has a story to tell. Isn’t that incredible?

Every dance reflects a culture. Dublin may be a small capital yet it is at the same time so rich. A true multicultural melting pot with a variety of ‘citizen-foreigners’ talented in different dance styles.

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