Annual Exhibition2022 Award

This year 6 of my pictures have been selected by the juge part of the Annual Exhibition 2022.

As a photographer, there are few things more gratifying than having your work recognized by your peers and industry experts. Recently, I was thrilled to learn that one of my photographs had been selected as a winner in a prestigious photography award competition.

The competition was open to photographers and covered a wide range of genres and themes. The judges were looking for images that were not only technically excellent but also emotionally powerful and visually captivating.

I entered the competition with one of my favorite photographs, which captured a stunning dancers. 

When I learned that my photograph had been selected as a winner in the competition, I was elated. It was a validation of the hard work and dedication I had put into honing my craft as a photographer. Seeing my work displayed alongside that of other talented photographers  and inspiring experience.

Winning the photography award has also opened up new opportunities for me. The recognition has brought increased visibility to my work.

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