Where to Find Inspiration for Landscape Photography

The expectation that one will experience a steady stream of inspiration and never experience periods of low motivation or creativity is unrealistic. The question is what to do when you no longer feel inspired. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t have feelings of inspiration on a daily basis. Instead of adding guilt to …

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How to Capture with High Shutter Speed

ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are the deciding variables in whether a photograph is underexposed (too dark), overexposed (too bright), or properly exposed. We’ll be discussing shutter speed, another variable that affects how much light enters the camera alongside aperture. What Is Fast Shutter Speed? A fast shutter speed will prevent motion blur when taking …

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Capture Photography With Phone

Aspiring to upgrade your smartphone photography skills? In order to take professional-quality photos with your smartphone, here are some suggestions from an expert. Everyone always has a camera at the ready thanks to their smartphone. While smartphone cameras still can’t compete with professional-grade DSLRs, they’re getting there, and for many people, that’s all they need. …

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Photography Dance Tips

Taking photographs of dance performances can evoke strong emotions. It’s an excellent example of how combining different artistic disciplines can produce spectacular outcomes. Of course, it’s not easy; you’ll need to learn how to shoot anything from action to portraiture to events. Don’t worry, though; the advice in this article will get you started in …

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Exhibition Rencontres photo trieves

Delighted to be able to exhibited 15 of my Dancers of the World project for the festival https://rencontres-photo-trieves.fr/ SAM 23 JUILLET CLELLESBistrot de la place 15hVisite commentée de l’exposition d’Anne-Sophie Gigan.  15h30Démonstration : comment capturer le mouvement – par Anne-Sophie Gigan   Previous Next

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