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Project “Dublin Dancers and Dreams”

The idea behind this dance project is to portray a variety of traditional dances using the most famous Dublin landmarks as a background.

I intend to picture the cultural richness and mixture that Dublin offers by welcoming cultures beyond its borders. The traditionalism of the dances and the modernity of the city blend in a harmonious contrast, allowing foreign cultures to feel free to represent their being in a land that welcomed them with open arms.

What to expect ?

  • Exhibition of photographs from the Dublin Dancers and Dreams Exhibition
  • Live performances from the dancers in the exhibition, bringing the photographs to life. Optional inclusion of Irish sean nos dance, Indian classical dance, Bellydance, Ballet, Street Dance and Handstand Dance
  • An interactive Irish group dance experience with ‘Celtic Dance Party’
  • Option of workshops within the artistic space taught by the dancers from the exhibition
  • Optional accompaniment of dancers by live musicians

Benefit for your venue

  • Exposure to a diverse range of audiences, including those interested in photography, dance, live music and Irish culture, both from the exhibition itself and from the workshops taking place in the venue.
  • An enrichment of the artistic experience through engagement with the art form

The overall purpose of the project is to appeal to people’s imagination, to show the beauty of dance, of Dublin and to inspire people

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