Dublin Dancers And Dreams Book

“Photography is like wine. It becomes better with age”. This project took 5 years of my life, and what an incredible journey it was. Today I am delighted to launch my book ” Dublin Dancers & Dreams”! 29 artists, over 100 pictures and more than 20 poems inspired by the photographs in English & Irish.  Order HERE >>>https://annesophiegigan.com/book-shop-page/

I was determined to meet the right people, photographing them at the right time. It’s mesmerizing to see how much I have grown as a photographer. During this time, I participated in contests, my project was exhibited in four galleries, and I got my LIPF distinction. I am now able to confidently play with light and composition. Everything I have learned has enabled me to translate what is blooming in my mind to capture it in a picture. 

The lockdown time helped me to develop the book “ Dublin dancers & Dream”. The mixture of photography and poems in the book is showcasing the artistic and cultural melting pot of Dublin but also opening cultural conversations about the value of different cultures within modern Irish life. The idea behind the “ Dublin Dancers and Dreams” project is to portray a variety of traditional dances using the most famous Dublin landmarks as a background. 

I intend to picture the cultural richness and mixture that Dublin offers by welcoming cultures beyond its borders. The traditionalism of the dances and the modernity of the city blend in a harmonious contrast, allowing foreign cultures to feel free to represent their being in a land that welcomed them with open arms. 

Thanks to all the dancers part of this journey with me, the people that support me along the way and all the unknown people that inspire me. 

If you want to buy the book, don’t wait, very limited edition, visit my website :

10% of the profit will be given to non-profit organisations that support art in Ireland. 

This project is the best adventure I had and the most beautiful summary of my Dublin’s life, THANK YOU ! 

Dare to explore your creativity; enjoy photography; bilingual poetry, and open your mind and imagination. Bain sult as!

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