Guest Speaker- Virtual 2h talk 11/April –

It was such an amazing experience to do a 2h presentation of my journey Online to North Cheshire Photographic Society on Tuesday 11th April

Whether it’s a landscape, a person or a moment in time, every subject has a story to tell. As dance artist photographers, it’s my job to find that story and convey it through our images. This can involve experimenting with different angles, lighting and composition to bring out the unique qualities of the subject.

Another key principle in photography is the power of emotion. Emotion is what gives an image its impact and helps it connect with the viewer on a deeper level. It’s important to think about what emotions you want your images to evoke and how you can achieve that through your composition, lighting and editing choices.

In closing, I want to encourage you all to continue exploring the world of photography with curiosity and passion. Keep pushing your boundaries and experimenting with new ideas, and never stop telling your unique stories through your images. Thank you for having me here today, and happy shooting!

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