Inspire Gallery, exhibition ” Dublin Dancers and Dream”- March 2019

What do you get when you combine a talented photographer, Dublin’s best landmarks and some of the world’s most talented dancers? A must-see photography exhibition that’s on show now.

Photographer Anne-Sophie Gigan has spent the last three years of her life photographing 24 dancers, all from different nationalities at some of Dublin’s finest landmarks.

Anne-Sophie Gigan said the goal of her project was to share the beauty and diversity of Dublin, and the art forms of photography and dance in a way that had never been done before.

“The idea behind this dance project was to portray a variety of traditional dances using the most famous Dublin landmarks as a background and capture the cultural richness and mixture that Dublin offers by welcoming cultures beyond its borders,” she said.

“The traditionalism of the dances and the modernity of the city blend in a harmonious contrast, allowing foreign cultures to feel free to represent their being in a land that welcomed them with open arms.”

The exhibition titled Dublin, Dancers and Dreams, is Anne-Sophie Gigan’s first and takes viewers on a journey across the world that exists within the borders of Dublin.

 “I wanted to focus on and show the multi-cultural part of the city and the beauty of dance,” she said.

“The photographs share the beauty of Dublin using a different angle and allow people to visit Dublin in a different way as well. Every photo has been taken in the most iconic places around Dublin.”

She said that the process of capturing the shots with all of the dancers across the landmarks was an “incredible journey” for her too and a milestone achievement as she only started her photography career in Dublin just over three years ago after completing a course with the Dublin Camera Club.

Anne-Sophie Gigan said she hoped both locals and tourists would take the time to immerse themselves in the culture of dance and Dublin while her work was on show.

“We are in a society where we forget to stop and dream,” she said.

“I want people to take a few minutes to dream.

“My goal is to show you and everyone the embezzling beauty of Dublin from a different angle by reflecting various expressions through dance. Taking people out of their busy lives to pause and stand still.”The Dance Project can be seen at the Inspire Gallery from March 7th to 23rd. Opening night on the 7th from 6:00-9:00 pm with live performance, don’t miss it!

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