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Interview by The life of Stuff

Ever since she was a young girl living with her family in South-Eastern France, curiosity, ambition and determination have been Anne-Sophie’s main motivations throughout all aspects of her life. 

Anne-Sophie Gigan is a passionate traveller who revels in discovering new cultures, people, countries and traditions. She is a dreamer and an artist who believes that life is a gift. And photography is her way of preserving moments of simplistic but powerful everyday beauty. This French woman, living in Ireland for eight years wants to inspire, motivate and help open your eyes and mind to the world and the people around you. She encourages you to not only think outside the box but step out of it completely. 

Most importantly Anne-Sophie –

hopes you enjoy the moments I have captured with my camera and that they give you the courage to be curious, determined and a dreamer like me.

Anne-Sophie recently launched her first book ‘Dublin Dancers & Dreams‘.It features 29 artists, over 100 pictures and more than 20 poems inspired by the photographs, in English and Irish

Interview by The life of Stuff

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