Miniature Mountains Life Covid Inspiration – October 2020

“Welcome to my Miniature Mountains Life” is a wonderfully introspective series of photographs that Anne Sophie crafted while in COVID-19 quarantine. Trying to make the most of her time at home, she turned to showcasing the foods she had on hand to pay homage to her wonderful childhood memories. The photographs depict the hours Anne spent hiking, climbing and skiing the mountains with family.

By positioning small miniature figurines scaling a mountain of pancakes, crossing a river of blue M & Ms and traversing the deep ravines of a waffle terrain, she brings her past experiences to life.

“This waffle means a lot to me. Every time I am going home to ski or hike, I love to finish my day with a warm waffle,” shared Anne-Sophie on Instagram.

The photographs were taken at home utilizing natural light with her Canon 80D Sigma 18-200m camera set on the macro option.

Winner of the panel Competition 2020 – Dublin Camera club

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