I am a photographer and photography is my passion. My goal is to freeze the time and capture moments & unique feelings.

Hence, my pricing structure can vary from what you want from me – either if it is dance photography or headshots or anything, in particular, the details are below. Any questions contact me

Choose your plan

Package 1
  • 45-minute shoot
  • 3 digital images
Package 2
  • 2 – hour shoot
  • 5 digital images
Package 3
  • 2 – hour shoot
  • 10 digital images
Package 4
  • 2:30 – hour shoot
  • 15 digital images


As a dancer, it’s so important to have a strong set of images that showcase your range, talent and personality.

1. As a dancer – we need to capture moments so why should we hire you as a dance photographer?

I want you to hire me because I know how to make people groove with my abilities to capture moments as it is yours to do it with your dance

2. How many charges for dance stills and headshots of dancers?

It depends all on my pricing strategies which you can see in the pricing and cost section

3. How old do I have to be when it comes to being a dancer?

It all depends on you – I am a photographer and for me, art is a form of satisfaction that comes for every age.

4. As a dancer, do I have to be experienced and flexible so that you can take perfect Photos?

Absolutely not! The benefit of me also being a dancer is that I am there to help coach your technique and give you lots of ideas that will show you at your very best.

5. As a dancer – wardrobe matters so what type of shoes or costume should I be wearing that will be perfect for dance photography and headshots both?

Depends on what type of dance you will be doing – if it is hip-hop, then the costume would be funky and if it is traditional. If you’re stuck for ideas, just have a look at the images on my website or Instagram page for some inspiration on what works well.

Hence, if you are looking for a place from where you can find the perfect routines of dance photography I have covered, you can contact me.

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