Where to Find Inspiration for Dance Photography

There are several potential sources of motivation for photographers before they press the shutter button on a scene or subject. It may just be the way the sun is shining or the expression on someone’s face. It could be seasonal or simply the time of day. Perhaps the lens you’re using in conjunction with the circumstances plays a role.
Alternatively, it could be something someone isn’t wearing or something that’s missing. Whatever it is, it allows us to capture the world and make our own beautiful photographs to share with it. I figured I’d let you in on not just the sources of motivation for my own photography, but also those of other photographers.

1. Instagram:
If you abuse Instagram, it has the potential to become a poisonous environment that leaves you feeling down and out. While the network’s emphasis has shifted to video programming, there is still plenty of opportunity to be inspired to take better photographs provided you know where to look.
When looking for photography ideas on Instagram, it’s important to follow those accounts that will push and encourage you to be your best. If there are accounts you’re already following that are negatively impacting your experience on the platform, unfollow them before adding new users to your feed. You can also choose to mute stories and posts if you don’t want to hear about or see any controversies.
As soon as you’ve updated your current list, you may start looking for new artists to add to your collection. Get on that follow button if you enjoy what they’re posting on Instagram. Instead of wasting time on the distracting home feed or the Explore tab, try looking for accounts that motivate you instead.

2. My Inspiration:

Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich:
Kelly Pratt Kreidich and Ian Kreidich are a husband-and-wife photography team headquartered in St. Louis who have won numerous awards for their work and are available for assignments anywhere in the world. Their style has been praised as “crisp, bright, and vivid” by critics.
The photographers’ aim is to take pictures of people acting naturally, so that their individuality and flair shine through while also making for dramatic and interesting pictures. Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich are two photographers who collaborated on a project titled Dancers and Dogs. Ballet dancers with various breeds of dogs are the main subject of this photo series.

Brittany Cavaco:
Professional ballet dancer Brittany Cavaco hails from the United States. Some of the highlights of her career include her performances with prestigious organisations like the Washington Ballet, the Los Angeles Ballet, and the English National Ballet.
She is also the director of the ballet programme at Steezy Studio and has her own brand of dancewear with Só Dança. She is a strong champion for diversity and body acceptance in the dance community and is widely known as TheBallerina on social media for the viral photos and videos of her dancing throughout the world.

Omar Z Robles:
New York is home to photographer Omar Z. Robles. His fascination with storytelling was sparked by Marcel Marceau. He learned from the great mime actor how to convey meaning through expressive gestures. He uses the skills he learned while studying in Paris to pose ballet dancers in his photographs.

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